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                   ABOUT (SSYDA)

            The SUKUTA SANCHABA YOUTHS DEVERLOPMENT ASSOCIATION is a non partisan movement that upholds reservation of rights to reject to any political affiliation or association of a political individual, group or body, the door is open for membership to citizens, non citizens, Gambians, non Gambians, friends, Sukuta auxiliary donor agencies. The combination of the organization consists of an executive and general body based in Sukuta, while its counterparts are resident in the Diaspora. Technically, the external teammates are referred to as technocrats and contributors for planning process thus share balance of power in a democratic bottom up approach.

The functions of both executives are administered through consultative weekly skype audio meetings to                 harness effective tier management policies and procedures relevant to concerns and implementation of programs.

In the advent of  our cultural festival held in Sukuta  in march , 2014 and event coverage in DVDs will soon be in the market, portrays a reminder indefatigable commitment to seek and galvanize unity among youth branches to achieve  SSYDA,s millennium goal.

In the interim, a bank accounts have been opened in the Gambia. The Guaranty Trust Bank holds

account of the association with reference no    206 354012 1590   This account receives general registration fees, monthly subscription from Sukuta branch members, fund raising incomes and any other funding requirements from the diaspora link.

For this reason, all interested members are directed to pay membership fee of one thousand dalasis equivalence of any foreign denomination to the treasurer in Sukuta for this account. On confirmation of the payment, you will be provided with a receipt of payment to verify qualification of membership. In the same process, the individual must provide a corresponding email or skype name or both to be sent regular constitution, bank statements, the mission and vision statements as well as subsequent minutes of meetings.

The regular account with the Standard Chartered Bank bearing ref…………..receives punctual payments of monthly subscriptions from members in the diaspora of any currency denomination equivalent to two hundred and fifty dalasis. This account is referred to as compulsory emergency savings for the welfare of members living abroad among other issues.  In his arrangement, the treasurer will be posted bank statements via email periodically for an interim measure, to subsidize online internet banking.

It is an organization built on strong mission and vision statements that embraces transparency, accountability, probity and quality services. That is why strict financial regulations and procedures are complied which enables treasurers submit bank statements and receipts regularly when requested to do so.

For this reason, this organization is a catalyst that operates with a difference and excellence and with the zeal to reach their destination despite the meager resources at their disposal.

Meanwhile the diaspora component includes residential in USA, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, FINLAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, U.K, SCOTLAND, FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN & PORTUGAL. There is currently more than  15  members from countries above mentioned. The executive is incomplete and we encourage women to share equal responsibility with males. Membership to this organization should bear no affection to individual membership of a society in their locality hence it is designed to a universal formula regardless of religion, citizenry, race or color background or belonging to another society of choice. The essence of admission shall be treated with respect, dignity and confidentiality to honor individual solidarity and patriotism. However, there is room for complacency to allow freedom of expression but exempts zero tolerance for persona or personae in disguise.

In the interim our web site is under development, therefore useful information can be visited regarding contact address and programs in FACEBOOK, SKYPE and email links such as :

SKYPE NAME…sanchaba.sukuta